One of the oldest and most respected of Internet sources on jobs and employment, Weddle’s (, recently released results from its March, 2008 Source of Employment Survey. More than 15,600 individuals responded: 65% males, 35% females; median age, 40-45; more than 60% self-described as managers, mid-level professionals and executives.

The top 10 sources used to find jobs
13.3% – ad posted on Internet job board
7.0% – tip from friend
6.8% – other
6.3% – newspaper ad
6.2% – posted resume on job board
6.0% – called by a headhunter
5.8% – referred by employee of company
5.2% – sent resume to company
4.9% – career fair
4.8% – networking at work

Note that the only double-digit percentage is Internet job boards, definitely a growing trend, but when you add the numbers from all that we can include as networking, you get a different perspective.

7.0% – tip from friend
5.8% – referred by employee of company
4.8% – networking at work
= 17.6%

And, if we add attending “career fairs” as networking (It IS an active, face-to-face method, as are all the other networking methods.)

+4.9% – career fair
= 22.5% (nearly twice the success rate of job boards)

Also, note that being called by a headhunter is not likely to happen for entry-level college grads, advanced degree or not.

Interestingly, Weddel found that just 3.9% had found jobs either through a social networking site or published through a professional association. It may take more time to see whether social networking becomes effective enough to make it into the top ten, and whether
professional associations continue to decline.

Of course, these stats shouldn’t discourage the use of Internet job boards, but it should encourage more networking.